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According to sources close to the hit television show, the BBC is reportedly revamping the pay structure for this year's 'Strictly Come Dancing' and will pay the competitors per dance. The change is being made to ensure that stars who are voted out in the early weeks do not receive huge one-off payments. Under the new system, celebrities who reach the final stages of the series could earn more than £100,000, while those voted off in the first or second weeks could dance away with as little as £10,000.

Coping with different pay bands or with a complicated salary structure is easy with Tensor’s Time and Attendance payroll software, which is based on smart card clocking technology. This information can be exported in many forms to your existing payroll software. Among the features are Secondary Pay Bands, meaning certain pay bands pay into other bands either on a 1:1 basis or by using a multiplier. Additional features are available, which include Shift Premiums: here complex payment schemes are set up, based on factors such as the time of working to the grade of employee.

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