Strong magnetic door release device incorporates forced entry detection

Visitors to the new Westfield shopping centre situated close to London's Olympic Park may have their cars checked by security staff before they can enter. From this month until the end of the Paralympic Games in September 2012, G4S security staff will inspect vehicles entering the public car parks. Those chosen for searches will be asked to pull over from the line of traffic before continuing their journey into the centre’s car parks.

Millions of entries and exits are made by people, every day, throughout the world, using a Tensor Smart Card and Scanner to gain entry or exit to car parks, turnstiles or buildings. The security status of each access point is controlled by the Smart Card scanner settings associated to that particular access point. Among our reliable products is the Tensor LOCK5, a world-class device for securing a door using a magnetic door release. Very strong, beautifully designed, it incorporates forced entry detection and green and red LED lamps to provide visual verification the unit is working.

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