Surveillance Camera Commissioner launches third party certification scheme

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Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales, Tony Porter, has recently launched a third party certification scheme aimed at enabling organisations to clearly demonstrate that they comply with the surveillance camera code of practice.

Certification is simple, accessible and affordable, and can be achieved following a 2-step process.

The first step – desktop certification – is aimed at organisations that are working hard to achieve full compliance with the code but are aware that they may need more time to become fully compliant.

The second step – full certification – is for organisations that are close to or fully compliant with the code – it involves a visit and full audit from a certification body.

There are currently 2 UKAS accredited certification bodies who are qualified to audit against the surveillance camera code of practice – the SSAIB and NSI.

Successful organisations will receive a certificate and be able to display the commissioner’s certification mark on their website and other publicity material.

Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter said: “Certification enables organisations to demonstrate to communities that they use their CCTV systems transparently, effectively and proportionately. It shows they comply with the surveillance camera code of practice and indicates they follow best practice. I’m determined to raise standards across the industry and following on from self assessment my third party certification scheme aims to do just that.”

Tensor – the partner of choice for secure, high-end CCTV surveillance solutions

Tensor has a very long experience in installing secure, high-end CCTV systems, compliant with the strictest rules and regulations in this field. Using products from the Tensor Partner range, our security solutions deliver the highest performance in the industry and customers are assured of receiving the most reliable systems available.

Additionally, our integration engineers work to the highest standards to ensure that solutions achieve the required functionality, within budget, and are well implemented, our experienced team being quite capable to overcome any challenge and committed to delivering project plans in their entirety, right down to the smallest details.

Tensor PLC’s services cover consultancy, concept, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, training and monitoring, as we are able to design solutions combining all elements of Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Detection, Fire & Smoke Detection and networks together with management systems for monitoring, command and control.

If you’d like to find out additional information on the Tensor CCTV solutions, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, we would be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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