Surveillance camera network includes password and security features

Caught on camera was the moment a man threatened a petrol station cashier with a rock – just a few hours after being released from prison. The result of this night-time robbery in Exeter was David Fairbairn being jailed for a staggering 73rd time. Recorder Jeremy Wright told Fairbairn: "This was a very serious crime. You went into this garage, wielding a stone as a weapon, which is a frightening thing to do, and you carried out this crime at night." Fairbairn was sent to prison for 30 months for holding up the Devon service station.

A CCTV surveillance system is one of the many security products offered by the group of companies under Tensor’s umbrella. One of the main features of our CCTV’s is that they are integrated to work with a standard PC monitor; while the cameras can be added to our many smart card and biometric access control networks. Password and security features limit the viewing of certain cameras to specific groups of people, enabling you to securely manage who is able to see particular areas of activity.

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