Surveillance security is set up according to strict police guidelines

The head of a campaign group has raised concerns about the number of schools that use CCTV cameras. Director of Big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles, said: “This research raises serious questions about the privacy of schoolchildren across Britain, with some schools having one camera for every five pupils.” Almost one in 10 of the schools which use CCTV said cameras were positioned in such locations as changing rooms, while 54 have more than one camera for every 15 students.

When your organisation orders a surveillance security system from Tensor you know it will be set-up according to strict guidelines. All digital CCTV systems supplied by Tensor are fully compliant with the UK police requirements. Certification is also an ongoing process that encourages continuous improvement with a focus on customer satisfaction while supporting our organisation's goals. Our accreditation includes the ISO 9001 quality assurance model for organisations that produce, install, and service products; and Secured by Design, an initiative from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

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