Swing gates ideal for controlling vehicle access to and from a site

A man got a rude shock – literally – after he tried to steal from an electricity sub-station. Martin Gavin was hurled to the ceiling by the force of an 11,000-volt jolt. The 48-year-old was intending to swipe scrap metal but instead spent three weeks in hospital on a ventilator. Gavin and a friend broke into the heavily protected sub-station in Salford, Manchester. Gavin was convicted of burglary after a trial and was sentenced to three and a half years.

Tensor has an unbeatable range of access control outdoor products which conform to strict security standards and operate under severe operating conditions. Tensor’s high quality, durable gates (a swing version of which is pictured), offer reliable performance in the most demanding environments and cope with high traffic volumes. Ideal for controlling vehicle access to and from your site, Tensor’s gates are quick to respond to the users instructions. They can be integrated with an access control network and need no routine maintenance.

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