T1481 access control scanner provides a consistent read range

A police force whose jobs are under threat has achieved a dramatic drop in its crime figures. Between April and June this year there were nearly 2,500 fewer victims of crime in County Durham compared with the same period last year. At the same time detections were up from 31 to 42 per cent. The figures cover a period when talks began between Durham and Northumbria forces about a merger, because of huge cuts in public spending.

Police numbers are only going one way, which is down, so ensure your site is secure and safe with Tensor smart card access control technology. T1481 Access Control Scanners are supplied ready to install and can operate across a cable or Ethernet network. They can also be mounted next to your barriers or turnstiles enabling you to quickly set up a security network. The T1481 uses RF (radio frequency) technology to read your smart card and grant access. Unaffected by most external conditions, this type of access control scanner is durable, resilient and provides a consistent read range.

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