T32xx clocking station provides fastest way of recording attendance

Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday revealed one of the outcomes of the first strategic defence and security review in 12 years: the UK's Harrier jump jets will be axed. One Harrier pilot, Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Kris Ward, asked the PM on his visit to the armed forces: "I have flown 140 odd missions in Afghanistan and I am now potentially facing unemployment. How am I supposed to feel about that sir?" Mr Cameron thanked him for "everything" he had done for his country, but the military advice was that "it was right to keep the Typhoon as the principal ground attack aircraft, working in Afghanistan at the moment."

Smart Card and Biometric Time & Attendance and security systems from Tensor provide the fastest and safest method of recording attendance and will save your organisation money through increased efficiency. The large colour display on Tensor's T32xx clocking station makes it simple for employees to confirm their clockings, check flexi-time hours or make job-booking transactions. The T32xx has a user friendly, multilingual GUI (Graphical User Interface) with an illuminated keypad.

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