T32xx gives total control over working patterns rules and regulations

Union delegates at the TUC's annual gathering backed a motion which urged an alliance of unions and communities under threat at its congress. The approval of industrial action if more cuts go ahead mirror their fears about the breadth of the coalition's spending reductions. TUC chief Brendan Barber said he favoured "a broad-based campaign… to look to harness public opinion behind the case for a different approach to managing our economy." He spoke against a purely critical campaign, asking unions to promote an "alternative to austerity that encourages growth and jobs".

For all your clocking and payroll needs in order to grow rather than cut back your business, the Tensor T32xx is simply the best of its kind. It is an all-in-one, affordable, IP enabled, smart card Time & Attendance recording and security Access Control workstation. Its features that give you irrefutable control over time and attendance, working patterns rules, and all Working Time regulations. The user friendly, multilingual GUI (Graphical User Interface) makes using the T32xx simple and effortless for the whole range of people likely to use it.

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