Tardiness and time theft will affect your company’s bottom line, research finds

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Employees clocking in late, taking long lunches and pinching some time at the end of the work day can have a negative effect on an employer’s bottom line, recent analysis has been able to suggest.

The report quotes a study by the American Payroll Association revealing that up to 10 minutes per day, per employee, is lost due to tardiness, long lunches and early departure.

By not providing measures to keep employees accountable for their use of time while at work, companies are indirectly laying the grounds for loss of productivity and not securing your bottom line, the experts argue.

The same study also suggests that the average employee steals 4 hours and 5 minutes every week by lacking discipline or engaging in various activities not related to his job while in the workplace.

In fact, these instances of time theft amount to 2.2 percent of gross payroll losses across the US. But how can it be prevented?

Tensor Time and Attendance systems – the surefire way to put an end to time theft

Tensor plc, the UK’s No.1 supplier of Time and Attendance and access control systems, will provide you with an all-in-one clocking recording system for unlimited users, dealing with time and attendance, job booking and job costing. The WinTA Enterprise package includes: software installation CD, T32xx Clocking Station, 50 Smart Cards, a User Manual, Serial Cable for communications to PC, plus 10 days of free helpdesk support from date of purchase.

Powerful individual and group absence planners handles absence entitlements such as breaks, annual leave, allowed sickness and more. It also enables managers to easily spot employees who are regularly late for work, while its modular design can link to the Tensor Personnel Enterprise application.

If you’d like to find out more about the WinTA Time & Attendance system, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and queries you might have.

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