Task Tensor with simple upgrade from analogue to digital CCTV system

The CCTV market is tipped by a leading security intelligence body to make a big recovery within the next couple of years. Its latest report says the construction industry, which is a vital sector in determining the growth of CCTV, is growing as the economy recovers. “The Construction Skills Network predicts that, from 2011, a slow return to growth will be seen in the UK construction industry,” says Key Note, adding it expects “the market to demonstrate the most positive growth in 2012 and 2013.”

As your business returns to growth and profit, now is the perfect time to upgrade your security with Tensor and its affiliated company CCTV Surveillance Ltd. CCTV digital evidence quality cameras and recording systems can be stand-alone or they are an ideal addition to our smart card and biometric access control networks. If you already have an analogue CCTV system installed at your site, you may only require a simple upgrade of some of the elements in order to adopt a digital CCTV system. All digital CCTV systems supplied by Tensor plc are fully compliant with the UK police requirements.

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