Tensor Access protects your premises from unauthorised personnel

Police tracked down a criminal gang who moved from region to region in order to evade capture. The group roamed the west, north-west and Wales to rob cash machines, shops and homes. Officers are convinced their success in the Merseyside region preventing cash-in-transit robberies persuaded the two gang leaders to try their luck in Wales. Detective Chief Superintendent Adrian Erasmus, of Gwent police, said: “They were clearly very surprised the high level of our investigation here compared with what they were used to in Liverpool.”

Protect your site or premises from unauthorised personnel with Tensor Access – a simple to use, highly secure way of tackling the problem of keeping access to areas or buildings under control, as well as monitoring who is present. Among the benefits are photographic recognition and checking of employees, visitors and contractors; fingerprint scanners for high security areas; and seamless interfacing to our other systems of Attendance Monitoring, Visitor Control and Personnel. Tensor’s expertise extends to installing surveillance cameras are available for single or multiple use in homes or for integration with the Access Control smart card technology.

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