Tensor access readers transport security to another level

Government figures released this week revealed that crime on public transport is costing society £1.5 billion a year. This is the first time that such cost-of-crime figures, relating to public transport in England in 2006/07, have been published from the Department for Transport. They include all the consequences of crime, including health costs, court costs and preventative measures. There were more than 77,000 reported and recorded incidents of crime on rail, light rail and London Underground in England in 2006/07, plus unreported crimes bring the estimated total to nearly 197,000 – which excludes fare evasion.

Tensor can aid transport and other companies, both large and small, with its range of top quality security devices. We manufacture, supply and install various smart card and biometric access control door entry systems which can control shutters, gates, turnstiles and virtually any other electronic barrier mechanism. A Windows™ based system, Tensor Access is modular in design, thus allowing you to build your access control system to match your specific requirements. Access readers can be located out of sight – even hidden behind brick walls – yet also providing secure entry for authorised personnel.

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