Tensor adopts EyeLynx surveillance technologies for fully integrated access control solutions

Tensor, the No.1 British designer and manufacturer of smart card – based access control and time and attendance terminals, is proud to announce the full integration of the top-range surveillance solutions developed by EyeLynx into our comprehensive WinTA.NET access control platform.

Tensor adopts EyeLynx surveillance technologies for fully integrated access control solutions image 1

Drawing on Tensor plc’s pioneering leadership in the access control, surveillance time and attendance and energy management segments, as well as EyeLynx’s expertise in developing innovative, latest-gen CCTV surveillance systems, this partnership will enable customers to enjoy the extensive range of money-saving benefits brought about by an access control system fully interconnected with a CCTV surveillance system.

All of our solutions integrating EyeLynx technologies have been specifically designed with flexibility and user friendliness in mind, and are tailored to manage anything from small single sites to city wide systems to national multiple site locations.

Plus, since most customers are looking for systems that can be easily retrofitted into existing buildings, our integrated CCTV solutions allow the use of existing IT infrastructures.

By fully integrating the extensive range of EyeLynx SharpView CCTV surveillance and recording solutions into the Tensor plc access control systems and the Tensor.NET platform, it’s now possible to associate video clips or still image snapshots, retrieved from CCTV cameras, with access control activity.

Cameras are allocated to location entries created in Tensor.NET, and then easily linked to smart card scanners or push buttons in the Hardware Manager via our user-friendly control interface. Multiple cameras can be allocated to the same location, or multiple locations can be assigned to the same camera.

Another very interesting innovation introduced by Tensor is the fact that lock sensors are connected directly to the CCTV’s DVR, supplied by EyeLynx. As a lock is released, an alarm event triggers the recording of video footage for the event, which can then be easily played back in Tensor.NET, either by location or as a link in an access control report. Screen displays are provided to report upon access events, including links to play the related video clip.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of Tensor Integrated Access Control solutions and CCTV systems supplied by Tensor, just contact us or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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