Tensor at the 2010 Home Office Scientific Development Branch Exhibition

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) series of events is the most significant police and security equipment exhibition in the UK. It has a well established international reputation.

HOSDB 2010 is closed to the general public with all exhibitors and visitors approved to participate beforehand. Exhibitors are all vetted in advance of participating by the Home Office and visitors have a strict criteria applied to establish their eligibility to attend.

HOSDB and their annual equipment exhibition have been developed to reflect the greater responsibilities of the organisation in a changing security climate. The strict criteria maintains a high quality of visitor to the event so that exhibitors can rest-easy in the knowledge that they can display products which may be considered sensitive if public visitors were permitted access.

HOSDB 2010 is owned by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch and organised at FIVE, Farnborough on their behalf by A|D|S Group. International delegations to the event were organised and coordinated by UKTI DSO.

The exhibition visitor’s include departmental representatives from police forces around the UK and Europe and all emergency services and government departments such as the Home Office, prison, customs and immigration services, government security and MoD departments.

Ashley Smith, CEO of Tensor plc, was on hand to present the latest Tensor access control and security equipment as used by British Police and other Governmental departments. He told the Tensor reporter, “HOSDB 2010 has given us and our customers, from the UK and abroad, an opportunity to discuss customer requirements within a confidential environment”.

International Delegations also attended the event to review the “best of breed” from the British security manufacturing industry.

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