Tensor biometric readers are a very good solution for preventing medical identity theft

Typically, Tensor biometric access control solutions are used within premises requiring a superior level of security, due to the more sensitive items or data available within. Nevertheless, they could also come in handy for preventing a whole range of frauds, including here medical identity theft, which seems to be increasingly popular around the world.

Tensor biometric readers are a very good solution for preventing medical identity theft image 1

In fact, according to multiple sources within the security industry, an increasingly larger number of people actually resort to identity theft in order to gain access to specific medical-related benefits (such as private healthcare, dental plans, etc.). And as healthcare is becoming more and more expensive around the world, the number of people turning to such illicit activities is also on the rise.

However, the Tensor plc T34xx biometric readers may certainly help address such issues, by creating access rights based on the users’ specific biometric data. Our biometric readers are housed within an elegant, sleek case and are available in two different versions, namely either Biometric only or Smart Card & Biometric.

Beside scanning one’s fingerprint, the latter models also support a wide variety of smart cards, including here HID Prox™, HID iClass™, MiFare™, and DesFire™ cards. The biometric access control units are IP enabled, using an Ethernet 10/100Mb for connecting to a central control unit.

Moreover, they operate from a 8VDC to 13.6VDC supply and are built around an 266MHz 32bit iMX21 ARM926EJ-S MCU. The biometric readers come equipped with a Flash memory (from 32Mbit standard up to 512Mbit build dependent), as well as SDRAM (64Mbit standard up to 256Mbit build dependent).

Setting up access profiles for the biometric readers is also quite an easy task, achieved with the help of the Tensor WinAC.NET software suite.

If you’d like to find out more information regarding the Tensor plc T34xx biometric readers, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo with one of our specialized sales representatives.

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