Tensor can aid local authorities in riding out recession

Tensor plc can aid local authorities in riding out the recession with its comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor access control systems, smart card, and time and attendance technology. It is inevitable that services will suffer as the government has already said the country must prepare for cuts across the board.

Using the expertise of Tensor plc, councils can rejuvenate their balance sheet by looking again at maximising assets and facilities like car parks, public toilets, staff and buildings. Public sector pay is one thing the central government will be looking at for cuts, so you can better manage your workforce’s shifts with our comprehensive time and attendance technology integrating easy to use smart cards. Morale and productivity of staff will further improve if there is a comfortable and regulated temperature in the office, which is attainable via our energy management system, which also delivers 25 per cent cuts in bills for local authorities.

Introducing a small entry or parking fee (or reviewing existing charges) for parks, buildings or public toilets can be done via our range of car park barriers or glass and half height turnstiles. It is better to keep revenue streams going to pay for essential maintenance and upkeep – the public would prefer that rather than shutting down the service completely.

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