Tensor CCTV surveillance can snare illegal traders

Local authorities are using a ‘Ripa’ act in order to catch illegal traders in the act. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act allows public authorities to film people with secret cameras. For instance, Southampton City Council has used its spying powers 59 times over the past two years to catch people suspected of activities such as illegally selling alcohol to the under-18s and tipping trade waste. Civil liberties groups object to these covert surveillance actions, but councils insist they would not be effective in combating these crimes otherwise.

CCTV has been used by organisations as an integral part of security and surveillance for a number of years to detect crimes like those mentioned above that police would not have the time or resources to chase. Recent advances in technology have significantly reduced the cost of implementing state-of-the-art digital CCTV systems to replace outdated analogue systems. Tensor’s affiliate company CCTV Surveillance use a range of devices and accessories from top manufacturers – including covert, bullet, dome and infra-red cameras – so that we can meet your CCTV needs.

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