Tensor Fire Roll Call ensures employees’ safety in emergency situations

Fire Roll Call can prove to be a life-saving feature in an emergency situation, allowing Fire Safety Managers to quickly check the whereabouts of each employee. Tensor offers extensive Fire Roll Call functionality with all Access Control and Time and Attendance solutions, making them the perfect workforce management solution for any manufacturing site.

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A study carried out by SecuritySales reveals that the largest year-to-year increase in the number of fires is recorded in industry, utility and defence facilities, as well as stores and offices. In other words, workplaces are becoming increasingly dangerous, especially if some sort of production/industrial activity is also involved.

For this reason, setting up a reliable and solid fire roll call system is extremely important for any company out there, and this is exactly where Tensor can help, especially since our Fire Roll Call systems tie-in with our affordable Time and Attendance and Access Control systems.

The Tensor door controllers and clocking stations can control up to two printers for evacuation reporting purposes. On activation of a fire alarm panel, automatic roll-call reports are printed listing the names and departments of cardholders who remain on-site.

Furthermore, doors can also be easily configured to open automatically on fire alarm activation and lock automatically once the fire alarm activation condition has ceased.

Reports can be grouped by a cardholder’s default resident fire point or by the fire point that they are currently booked on to. Printers are connected either via a direct cable connection or by direct IP and can be limited to reporting upon specific zones or fire points.

Plus, Muster points can also be installed where cardholders scan upon arrival at a Muster point. In real-time, Tensor.NET Access removes the cardholder from the fire roll-call report to provide a real-time roll call of any cardholders who remain in the building.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor Time and Attendance and Access Control systems, as well as our Fire Roll Call software, just contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions and/or queries.

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