Tensor grants your company an extensive range of site access control options

Ensuring a very good level of security and access control over a company’s entire site should be an extremely important target for any manager, and setting up an integrated solution that delivers this level of functionality at an affordable price point is equally important.

Tensor grants your company an extensive range of site access control options image 1

As a market leader in the field of Access Control and Time and Attendance solutions, Tensor is fully capable of providing a complete, comprehensive and affordable product suite, designed to meet all of your company’s access control requirements, starting with your parking lot.

In fact, Tensor can also deliver and install vehicle barriers that provide an efficient and effective way of controlling access and movement to your site car park, allowing and denying access where appropriate at any time of the day, whilst providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorization.

What really makes the Tensor products stand out is the fact that they can be used both in stand-alone mode or as a part of a wider security network, meaning that one can easily employ them for setting up a company-wide, multi-site Smart Card-based Time and Attendance and Access Control system.

All of our products are virtually 100% corrosion-free and are perfectly suitable for both large and small premises. Furthermore, our automatic barriers are highly adaptable, giving maximum throughput to authorised personnel, and are supplied complete, ready to accept power and data connections. Plus, they can also easily operate with access control and ticketing systems.

If you’d like to receive some additional information on our extensive range of access control solutions, just get in touch with our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with all the relevant answers to your queries.

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