Tensor launches new and improved Tensor.NET Version 3.8.0.x.

Tensor Workforce Management System

Tensor is proud to announce the release of a new and improved version of the Tensor.NET software, Version 3.8.0.x., which provides several new features and enhancements, as well as some fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.

New Features and Enhancements in Tensor.NET Version 3.8.0.x

1. Support for Self Service Visitor Monitoring (SSVM) app – a new Unmanned Tablet menu option is available in this version for MCVS customers, enabling them to enter details of the Android or IOS tablets that are using the Unmanned Reception app, SSVM.

2. Employee importer – a couple of changes have been made to the Employee Importer module and its related External Interface service:

  • import files containing employee details can now be downloaded from Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 buckets for importing into Tensor.NET.
  • extra columns have been added to allow the details of an employee’s smart card, embossed number and internal hex number to be imported into Tensor.NET.

3. Company sick pay schemes – in this version of Tensor.NET, sick pay schemes and rules may be created and assigned to employees. Each scheme can contain a number of sick pay rules. Each rule defines the absence code that will be applied to an absence, based on the number of absences that have already occurred within a defined rolling period. Absence payments are then dependant on the rates applied to the differing absence codes.

4. Archiving – the system’s current archive and restore functionality has been extended to include employee’s clockings, absence and job bookings.

5. Return to work alerts – a new facility has been added to this version of Tensor.NET to enable users to be notified by email alerts, when employees return to work, after absence for specific reasons.

6. Employee details – several changes have been made in the employee edit screen:

  • A Not Specified (N) gender option is now the new default setting. Other gender choices may be added and selected for employees. A gender neutral image is also now displayed for non male / female employees.
  • a role management security permission can now be applied to limit the system users who can view an employee’s hourly rate.
  • four extra inputs are available in the driving licence screen for Insurance Form Received, Date checked on DVLA, Penalty Points and Restrictions.

7. Daily amend – a new Overtime Payment Requires Approval setting has been added to the processing controls in User Options > Clocking > Processing Settings. When enabled, overtime hours are only granted after the Overtime Given exception has been authorised.

8. Scanner themes – the ability to customise the behaviour of T17xx scanners has been extended for the LED and “halo” colours displayed when clocking IN and OUT. This modification requires version 3.11.b11 of TAX03.

9. Flexitime summary – an extra, Daily Balance column has been added to the flexitime summary grid. This column shows the difference between the expected and actual hours for each day, as positive or negative hours. Yesterday’s balance plus today’s daily balance will be equal to today’s balance, unless an adjustment or an end of period credit or debit maximum limit has been encountered.

10. BioStation authentication – employees without enrolled biometric templates can now gain access by presenting only their card at Suprema BioStation devices from this version onwards.


1. Absence codes – the problem where absence codes could not be saved when their payband was set to [Shift pay rules] has been corrected.

2. Non clocking shifts – in previous versions the shift core times were not being inserted for non-clocking employees, even though auto insert shift core time was ticked in their roster. This issue is now resolved.

3. Employee filtering – an unhandled exception could occur in the employee list view screen. This fatal error could occur when filtering employees via the column filter and then switching between include / exclude leavers. This issue is now resolved.

4. Searching – in earlier versions of Tensor.NET, only the search results for employees were shown on a separate tab. From this version onwards, the search results for every screen will be displayed on a separate tab.

Customer Resolutions

1. Job codes – job codes are now listed with all numeric codes listed first in numeric order, followed by alphanumeric codes in alphanumeric order. This rule applies to any job tier.

2. Employee details – a couple of employee related fixes are included in this version of Tensor.NET:

  • New employees are now defaulted to adult for WTR purposes if no entry is made in their WTR employee settings.
  • The preview of employee list details no longer word wraps and now the report format auto changes to landscape format for larger numbers of columns. Also when exporting to excel each employee’s details are contained in one row instead of two.

3. Mail merging – extra placeholders are now provided, from this version onwards, to allow the second emergency contact’s details to be included in a mail merged document.

4. Temporary rosters – a problem was encountered when the system failed to recognise the end of an employee’s temporary roster change. Changes in this version mean that the employee’s permanent shifts will now be inserted, when the temporary roster ends.

5. Reports – a couple of report related issues have been resolved in this version:

  • rosters have been added to the grouping options for the clock card report.
  • the head correct has been reinstated in the entitlement report.

6. Alert notifications – a fix was implemented in this version of Tensor.NET to prevent a power status alert from being generated whenever a wireless hub was disconnected and reconnected.

7. Shift premiums – under certain circumstances it was found that shift premiums were not taking into account payband rounding rules for the Extra hours per hour worked premium type. This issue is resolved in this version.

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