Tensor MCVS Enterprise system renders front desk receptionists obsolete

Although most companies still rely on a front desk receptionist for a variety of tasks, including visitor check-in, the truth of the matter is that their work might soon be replaced by automated solutions, such as the Tensor plc Monitoring of Contractor and Visitor System (“MCVS”).

Tensor MCVS Enterprise system renders front desk receptionists obsolete image 1

Tensor’s advanced MCVS Enterprise system has been specifically designed in order to replace an existing paper based system or where no system previously existed at all. In fact, the system is extremely user-friendly, affordable, easy to install and set up, thus making it a very good solution for a company looking to implement an advanced visitor monitoring solution on their premises.

The MCVS system will enable users to book appointments in advance and pre-book on-site contractors. As soon as an appointment is made, notification emails are sent to both the visitor and their host informing them of the appointment’s date, time and location.

Additionally, touch-screen technology can also be used in order to allow visitors with appointments can book themselves in or out.

The MCVS module can be very easily integrated with the Tensor.NET Access, to allow a company’s visitors to use cards to gain access to secured areas. Visitors are assigned their access permissions as part of the book in process, which are automatically downloaded to all relevant T8526s. When a visitor is booked off site, their permissions are removed and the card is made available for the next visitor.

If you’d like to get some additional information on the Tensor MCVS Enterprise system, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any and all of your queries.

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