Tensor Mobile SSM App Version 3.8.0.x Now Live on Google Play & Apple App Store

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After recently announcing the rollout of our latest Tensor.NET Software Version3.8.0.X and Self-Service Module (SSM) Version 3.8.0.X, we are also proud to announce the immediate availability of the Tensor Mobile SSM App Version 3.8.0.x on the Google Play & Apple App Store.

New Features and Enhancements in the Tensor Mobile SSM App Version 3.8.0.x

1. App orientation – the orientation of version 3.801.13 of the mobile app has been locked to portrait mode.

2. Version compatibility checking – a compatibility check is performed when saving the SSM web service URL. If the major version of the app does not match the Tensor.NET major version then the URL will not be saved.

3. Role configuration – as part of the Role Management page remodelling, absence code availability is now managed on a role by role basis. Separate restrictions can make absence codes either, hidden completely, viewable only in the planners or available for absence requests. This enhancement brings the app in line with web SSM’s functionality.

4. Default absence code – the default absence code assigned to requests in web SSM is now used by the mobile app as well.

5. Absence type restrictions – likewise the restrictions on the types of absence (AM, PM, Full day, Timed and Hours) available for requests in web SSM, are also implemented in this version of the mobile app.

6. Limited periods of absence – the SSM role now has a setting that may limit the number of days of continuous absence that each absence code can be requested for. In this version of the app, absence periods cannot be requested that exceed the working days limit.

7. Restricted request periods – from this app version onwards, SSM administrators are able to create periods in the year when absence cannot be requested. Depending on their role setting, employees will be prevented from requesting any absence in these restricted periods.

8. Timesheet – the Last 7 Days feature in the app’s Timesheet has been replaced by a Date Range option. Any past period can be defined and submitted on this screen to list all the clockings made within the period.

9. Absence information – the calendar and absence request pages now show both the code and description when listing available absence reasons.


1. Timesheet amendments – this version of the mobile app no longer allows the reason code associated with clockings to be changed in the Timesheet option.

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