Tensor.NET Version Offers Fixes to SSM & Suprema Facestation Functionality

Tensor.NET Release Version

New features and Enhancements

Employee Importer – The interface service has been modified so it now includes a handle ‘C’ in the Holiday Entitlement Type. This new handle means employees can now be imported with Holidays calculated using Payband options.


SSM Login App – A fault was found where timeouts were appearing in the logs. This occurred when the web service was used for the first time or after it had been idle for twenty minutes. The default timeout has been increased to 60 and the timeout setting has been added to the XML file.

SIMS Integration – An issue was found when importing card records from Active Directory. It wasn't providing a value for the new CardFamily field and created an error due to it not being able to be null. An amendment to the stored procedure pSyncADCardsSave has been implemented to resolve the issue.

AICMSLinkService – A problem was reported when importing card changes from Active Directory. The AD entry was being picked up where the card attribute did not contain a hex value of the card and for some reason contained other text. This was causing the numeric conversion to error and exit out of the thread.

Login Box – When Users have particularly long Usernames, the login box was found to truncate at the ‘Login as another User’ option.

Suprema Facestations – A couple of issues have been resolved relating to the functionality of the Suprema FaceStations.

• Email Alerts - When specifically setting up Alerts for the Suprema Facestation, the TDS service required a restart before the Alerts would be triggered. A change has been made so that the service no longer requires the restart.

An issue has also been fixed when the Facestation recorded two transactions in the same second, then the second read delay wasn't being applied and the employee was then clocked twice.

Roles – When opening the Roles for the first time, the default display has always been that all nodes are open (expanded), this has been changed so they default as closed to make it easier to navigate the categories.

Licence Limitations – Lite edition users of Tensor.NET are restricted to 250 staff. Using the employee creation wizard seemed to bypass this restriction, creating other problems. The limitation has been restored in this version.

IEVO Biometric Templates – A fault was found where only a few of the Ievo biometric templates were being loaded into the biometric service after applying the latest Tensor.Net upgrade. Templates have been changed so they are remapped to load correctly.

Customer Resolutions

Employee Messaging - After selecting the relevant employees from the left hand view pane, a problem was found when trying to move them to the right for selection, this has not been resolved.

An issue was reported with an Absence Report that has a combination of including the ‘All Absences’ column, formatted in Days that had a rest day or non clocking shift assigned to it. With this combination, the report was failing to run but has now been resolved.

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