Tensor.NET Version Includes New ‘Lone Worker Alert System’ & Fixes to Absence Bookings

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

A ‘Lone Worker Alert System’ has now been implemented into this version. These features allow Tensor.NET to generate an email alert to notify recipients when there is only one employee left on site. These modifications are documented separately in Tensor.NET Lone Worker Alert.pdf and are available on request.


MCVS Appointments – Appointments made on a site that was hidden in the site navigator on Tensor.NET were found to not show on the SSVM Tablet when trying to book in for the appointment. The site navigator should only filter the view for the application and the SSM, not the Tablet.

Absence Booking – An issue was found with the processing service not removing a booked absence. When employees have an Absence booked but then clock IN during this absence, the service should truncate the absence based on the employees clocking. An issue was found where this did not remove the Absence if an employee clocked out at the exact time of the Absence period end time.

Database Authentication Keys – Problems have been occurring where a few customers for various reasons have lost access to the original machine running the authentication service. After this point they are no longer able to recover the master key for the authentication database. In this version a new ‘No expiry’ option has been added to the export of database keys.

Biometric Enrolling – A problem was found when trying to enrol staff that had a c with a cedilla in their name (ALT 135), this has now been resolved so these characters are accepted.

Customer Resolutions

Return to work Email Alert – A fault was reported for the return to work email alert. This is meant to email a configured recipient when an employee clocks back in after a period of absence. The fault occurred when the setting was configured with the site rather than the global list.

PeopleHR Integration changes – The scheduling service has been updated so that it will now map PeopleHRs Payment Frequency with our Payment Interval. The mapping is as follows:

  • Annually = Salaried
  • Monthly = Calendar Month
  • Weekly = Weekly
  • Four Weekly = Non-Calendar Month
  • Daily = Hourly

Reports and Payroll Exports – A long standing issue generating a ‘Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.#EmpDayShifts' has been fixed. This was an error that created duplicate records in the shift history table.

A fault was reported for the Shift Assignment and Supv Absence Planner failing to load when a Roster was deleted that was previously used by an employee. This is a functional error as the ability to delete a Roster should not be possible if this has been assigned to an employee and worked on. This restriction has been re-applied to stop this occurring.

Badge Designer – A request has been made to add additional barcode controls to the Badge designer module. Both barcode controls now have a barcode type property. This contains Type 39, Type 128, Type 128A, Type 128B and Type 128C.

FaceStation Clocking – A problem was reported with the template distribution service where if a Facestation recorded two transactions in the same second, then the second read delay wasn't applied and the employee was clocked twice. A change has been made so this is handled as a ‘Scan to soon’ should this occur again.

A fault had occurred after authorising an absence cancellation from the SSM when the Absence has already been deleted from the main application. Extra checks have been added to ensure cancel requests are approved as expected.

Tensor.NET Version - SSM

New Features and Enhancements

Two new Tablet Theme Settings have been added in the version: (this only applies with single companies)

  • ‘Ad-hoc Appointments - Show Core Details Only’ option has been added in this version. This option will allow the App to hide the majority of fields on the 'Tell us about yourself' page. If the theme option is enabled. Only 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Company' are visible.
  • ‘Ad-hoc Appointments – Default Duration’ has been added to allow users to enter a default time duration for Visitor appointment times.

Adding Documents for Absence - A new ‘Drag and Drop’ feature has been added when attaching Absence documents. This option has been added in addition to the standard ‘Choose File’ option.


Email Notifications - An issue has been fixed on the notification emails where employees requested to cancel only half of a previously booked full day's absence. The email said the whole day rather than just the half has been cancelled, this has now been corrected.

Creating Forms – A couple of issues have been fixed when creating new Visitor forms.

  • The ‘Save Settings’ button will now only enable when changes have been made.
  • A newly added form will appear automatically. (Previous versions meant you had to refresh the page).

Authorising Exceptions – It was noted that the ‘Authorise’ button only became active when all exceptions were selected, this has now been changed so this becomes active on any number of exceptions being selected.

Timed Absences – When booking times and choosing the minutes option from the drop down menu, the ‘01’ was not selectable (only applies to User’s using a Google Chrome browser). The dropdown box size has now been adjusted.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported where the ‘employees being supervised’ screen did not load the list of staff, this has been resolved in this version.

The Turnover report was reported as not running correctly when being configured to run as an Auto-Report. The reason for this was the report was never designed to be part of the Auto-Report functionality! This has now been changed so this report contains the data so this can be done.

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