Tensor.NET Release Version Includes Enhanced Payroll Features

Tensor.NET release version

New Features and Enhancements

This project details changes to Tensor.NET to pass ERP login credentials into the ERP application when the employee fob is scanned on a card reader. A new document is available on request for more information.

Earnie Payroll – The Earnie Paylink module has been enhanced in this version to include a new ‘csv’ Output File Format. The new feature is presented with a new drop down option as shown here.

Overstay Alert – A new ‘Overstay’ alert has been added, the new option allows the host to receive an email notification when their visitor exceeds their appointment duration. This new option can be found in the User Options Application under Visitor Monitoring > General Options.

Appraisal Dates – A new ‘Set Next Appraisal Date’ option has been added in the Appraisals screen. The new option allows users to enter a ‘Next Appraisal Date’ after entering the current appraisal details. This date will autofill the ‘Next Appraisal’ date shown on the employee details screen.

Tensor.NET release version
Tensor.NET release version
Tensor.NET release version


Establishments – A fault was found when adding establishments. After entering an establishment without an address, a default address was being entered and causing an issue when saving.

Visitor Company Names – An issue was found when trying to edit ‘Visitor Company’ names. After initial creation, then trying to edit an ‘Already in Use’ message was displayed.

ANPR Processors – A couple of faults have been found and fixed with the ANPR processors.

  • Adding a new ANPR Controller and then querying the device, the application would create an error log and prevent you from continuing to add the camera.
  • The serial number box field has now been disabled and greyed out. It looked as though this could be edited, misleading the user.

Ethnicity Settings – Some of the categories have been changed in this version, the word ‘Black’ has been removed from a number of the options as it is not required.

Visitor/Contractors first and last name fields were found to only accept limited special characters, this has now been changed the same as the employee screen.

Turnover Report – The percentage output of the Turnover Report has been limited to two decimal places.

MHR iTrent Export – A couple of changes have been made to the recent export file for the MHR iTrent software modification recently released.

  • Deletion Export File – No deletion export file was being generated when deleting a future absence.
  • Exporting wrong AM/PM and Full day data sets for Absence Export. Errors were found in the script that caused the results to use other absences on the same day even if they weren't relevant.

Employee MiscText columns – The MiscText columns were found to be showing on the employee and the Employee Status Viewer screen even when the user did not have access to view them, the restrictions have been re-added in this version.

Customer Resolutions

Bulk Add Absences – A fault has been fixed where you could not allocate the employees to the right when trying to bulk add absences onto the planner.

Absences were appearing to be duplicated in the absence planner but there didn’t seem to be a corresponding SQL entry, however two entries were found to be flagged for deletion in the absence planner table. This was found to be caused by the ‘Process Past Absences’ process and the daily processes ‘GenerateDayAbsenceAdjustments’ process clashing. Both were making changes to the day based on past absences. These commands have now been merged so that the hours absences for the day get worked out at the end of each process.

Self-Service Module release version


Tablet Names – Special characters are not allowed in the tablet name and if used the message says the ‘Device Name is not valid’ the message has been changed to make the reason clearer to the user.

Delegating Absence requests – An issue was found when supervisors delegated their responsibilities to another staff member. The recipient of the delegated task was unable to authorise if they didn’t have access to the absence code in their standard role. Changes have been made so that delegated duties also give the User the same access to Absence codes for the duration of the delegation.

Text, display and Grammatical changes – A number of issues have been found and fixed with the applications displays and information screens.

  • Turnover Widget – The percentage value was overlapping with the Department name.
  • Questions on forms – The ‘Video’ text has been added to the question number the same as the fixed image type questions.
  • Deleting Questions on forms – When entering large amounts of text in questions and then selecting to delete the question, the question text was overlapping the confirmation window.
  • The ‘Authorisers Response comments’ section was found to have overlapping text on the field header.
  • Clock IN/OUT widget – Time was being shown as incorrect format after clocking OUT and then Start a Job (which then auto Clocks IN) The time was being displayed in DDD MMM dd YYYY hh:mm:ss GMT +0100 format.
  • ‘Current Flexi Period’ field display on the absence planner was found to double in size each time the absence planner was refreshed.
  • The ‘Choose File’ wording has been changed to ‘Choose/Select Document’ when adding documents to an Absence request.

Night Shift Absences – When requesting an absence on a night shift that spans past midnight, then trying to edit the pending request, this was causing a problem as the edited request added an additional day to the request, this has been fixed in this version so requests correctly.

Creating New Appointments – A fault was found when creating new appointments, if you did not enter any information and click ‘next’ the button greyed out leaving the user unable to move forward or backwards without a page refresh. A new red box will now appear asking the person to fill out the information needed.

Opting out of emails – An issue was found that despite supervising users opting out of email notifications, they were still being sent, this has now been corrected.

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