Tensor.NET & SSM Version See’s Improvements To Suprema V2 Door Entry Scanners & Various New System Features

Tensor.NET Version

New Features & Enhancements

Suprema V2 Door entry scanners – Changes have been made to the way the system handles Suprema V2 Door entry Scanners. Access control setup requirements now follows the standard Tensor format using the following settings:

  • One to Many from the Fingerprint Scanner on the HDM
  • Access Pattern - One To Many (Bio Only)
  • Access Pattern - Use Biometrics If Enabled (Card & Bio)

An updated document has been released detailing in full the new settings required.


A fault was found and has been fixed when trying to Import pictures\images into the employee record with a linked Web camera.

This version sees some changes to accommodate an updated Newtonsoft.Json dependency to v13.0.1, the updated package was required to enhance the security.

Customer Resolutions

A problem was reported where the employee screen was hanging on initial load, this was later found to be linked to the printer object of the WinBadge module not loading correctly.

An issue was reported in the clock card report - When using the summary option (one row per day) with the ‘All Absences’ row enabled. In the morning of a day when an employee has a full day absence there is a duplicate second row showing for employees.

Exporting absences for CascadeHR. On previous versions, the dates of the absences exported would start from the day after the previous export and up to the day before today. This new update will allow it to go to the end of the current calendar week. This now uses the ‘Process Calendar weeks’ option in User Options. Access the Cascade Absence Export document for more information.

SSM update version

New Features & Enhancements

The SSM role option has a new feature that allows the restriction of Absence code visibility on differing planners. A feature that was already available when users had the ‘Allow Requests’ option which has now been extended to the ‘View Only’ as shown here.

Tensor.NET version


This version sees some changes to accommodate an updated Newtonsoft NuGet package to 13.0.1, the updated package was required to enhance the security.

A display issue with the Supervisors Bradford Factor widget was found and has been fixed where employees with Bradford factor value as '0' displays the highest Bradford Factor displayed in the list in View Mode.

Editing Roles - The changed counts were not displaying the correct values after editing a Role, this has now been resolved to display correctly.

Site ON/OFF Widget – A problem has been fixed with the display that was returning a blank error message when no Fire Point was selected.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported when applying restrictions to the Absence Booking range. After setting a limit of 12 months advance booking, a fault was found where the ‘Quick Book’ absence widget allowed Users to request past this time frame.

A timesheet problem was reported after entering 2 pairs of clockings on the same day and then trying to delete a singular IN clocking, the system seemed to remove both after a refresh. Changes have been made to order the clockings by sequence to resolve this issue.

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