Tensor.NET Releases Integration with Wavestore CCTV in Update

The latest Tensor.NET and SSM updates have just been released with several key changes and fantastic new features including integration with Wavestore CCTV, a brand new CSCS Card Enrolment Wizard, additional PeopleHR functionality, and customer RFA fixes.

Wavestore CCTV Integration

Wavestore CCTV has been fully integrated into this new version of Tensor.NET. To summarise, the integration allows Tensor.NET to pass access control transaction events to Wavestore. We have created a new document that gives full details on this integration and is available on request.

Sophie Mills, Head of Marketing for Wavestore, was happy to comment: "Wavestore’s integration with Tensor combines powerful video data and advanced access control capabilities to provide a fully scalable and future-proof security solution to secure premises. Using our powerful Event Rules engine, alarms and actions can be automated whilst making access for authorised personnel easy. Furthermore, operators can review cameras from the Wavestore server and search for access control events during forensic investigation following an access attempt or alarm trigger. The integration was a natural move for Wavestore and Tensor, with our complimentary technologies providing intelligent security solutions."

Tensor.NET Update

The PeopleHR absence import functionality has been further enhanced in this version of Tensor.NET. This new feature allows the additional mapping options based upon the option 'Paid Status'. New options include ‘Paid’, ‘Paid at Other Rate’, ‘Unpaid’ and ‘N/A’.

Along with this core enhancement, several updates within include:

  • When creating appointments in the Appointment diary, the Default Host name was not showing once the appointment had been created and then reopened. However, the override host is visible for both Contractor and Visitor. Changes have been made to resolve this problem.
  • When adding device IP addresses to unmanned tablets, it was found that you were able to enter the same IP address for two or more tablets when entering the device details. Changes have been made so a user cannot enter duplicate IPs.
  • In the automated Appointment email, the email was found to display the questionnaire URL link when the workflow was configured to not show it. This has now been fixed so the URL only shows when selected.
  • The colours on the absence report were not showing correctly. The workdays were showing as black squares. The function has been improved to load quicker and the issue has been resolved.
  • When creating two top-level Job Codes with the same details, job codes can be duplicated, at a child level but the highest level jobs should have unique codes. Checks have been added to prevent a duplicate from being added at the highest level.
  • When the Employee entitlement is being calculated by a formula that was configured to output in hours, it was failing to save. This has now been resolved.
  • When adding a vehicle using the quick option on the employee screen, it was found the vehicle wasn't being created until the employee was saved, whereas adding a new vehicle by going into the vehicle screen did save it immediately - this allowed duplications to be created. This has now been resolved in this version.

Additional faults were located including:

  • The Salary tab within the employee record was not saving correctly. This had suffered a knock-on effect when improvements were made to another area.
  • The hours’ absences for today and the future were not showing on the Amend Clockings screen.
  • The Employee/Employer notice period on the employee details tab was not being calculated correctly and was only showing the initial value.
  • Regarding working hours throughout the night, after midnight, the clock would show breaks at 0 minutes regardless of break time taken.

All of which are now fixed.

Tensor.NET SSM Update

The SSM has received two updates to this version to better streamline the software:

  • When configuring the Check IN/OUT forms in the Visitor Monitoring module for use with the SSVM app. When adding any of the Text, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Number, Fixed Text, Fixed Image, Signature, video type questions to the Check IN forms, the ‘Skip to’ option was disabled. This has now been resolved.
  • On the ‘Authorisation Error’ emails, the subject of the Email was not showing the correct text. This has now been corrected in the version.

CSCS Card Enrollment Wizard

The CSCS Card Wizard has been updated in this version. The new version of the Vendors API (2.0.10) brings the changes of new screens and available features. A new document is available on request for further information.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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