Tensor.NET Updates in Release & New EV3 Compatibility

The latest updates for Tensor.NET’s software and SSM counterpart help see a better experience for users, along with an exciting access control upgrade.


New Features & Enhancements

The latest features for Tensor.NET include:

  • A new ‘Vaccinated – Booster Dose’ option has been added to the systems Pandemic option held within the employee record. This new option allows users to record details of booster jabs given to their staff
  • A new feature request has been made to extend the use of the ‘Upcoming Absence’ automated email so that it incorporates the employees’ expected return to work date. This report has now been updated with a new ‘return to work’ column
  • New options have been added to the payroll export report. When selecting the "Separate Lines per Paybands/Absences" check box, two new fields will appear when adding tokens to the detail line, ‘Payband Value Cash’ and ‘Payband Value Hours’. This will allow the display of Payband values in one column if it’s cash and another if it's hours, and be able to position those two columns in different places in the layout
  • The ‘Unused Cards’ report was previously only available of systems that had the T&A serial numbers activated. On this version moving forward, any systems that have an Access Control serial number will also benefit from this report


Several issues including breaks and card assignments have now been resolved:

  • An issue was found with the card assignment option when using the ‘New Employee Wizard’. The grid screen was showing additional options that were not required, this has now been resolved
  • A processing fault was found when using ‘hours’ breaks that paid into multiple Basic Payband allocations. The fault was creating additional hours in the allocations, this has been re-worked to calculate correctly
  • A fault was found with the systems ‘Search’ option held on the system toolbar. This search bar allows users to search relevant information based on filters and keywords, this was found to not work as expected but has now been resolved
  • A sorting problem was found on the employee report, the report was found to be sorted by surname correctly, however when two employees with the same Last Name but different First Names were not being ordered as expected, this has also now been resolved

Customer Resolutions

We’ve been able to work with our customers in order to address and resolve the following:

  • A fault was reported when entering email addresses into the Auto Report wizard. The fault was found in any of the "To", "CC" or "BCC" add a valid address and then add a semicolon (";") after it, an error was then generated, this has now been resolved
  • Regarding payroll report sorting, a request was made so that a custom-built payroll report could be sorted by Payroll number, this has been resolved in this version

Thank you to those who have been in contact to bring light to the above, and continue to work with us to provide the best possible software.

Tensor.NET SSM Update

Some changes have been made to text information entries in the Automated Emailing features:

  • New detailing has been added to the emails received by authorisers when their staff request amendments to their clockings. On previous versions, clocking request emails just had a generic line of “Clocking amendment request”, this has now been changed so it mentions the specific thing being requested, for example, a request to insert a break
  • Standard wording was also being used when requesting to delete clockings, text options have now been changed so the email body text reflects the request to delete clockings
  • Making requests to change ‘Flexitime’ clockings was also using standard working on some of the body text. This has now been changed so the wording correctly shows ‘Flexi Balance’

Finally, a fault was reported loading the Departmental Absence planner. The fault occurs when the employee has requested an absence for a date in the future but then decided to leave the business before the requested date. Once the leaving date had been added to the employee record the Department Absence planner then failed to load correctly, this too has now been resolved.

Access Control Hardware Update

To end our bulletin, we are delighted to announce that all Tensor access control hardware is now compatible with the latest MIFARE DESFire cards - EV3. These cards have better encryption than the EV1 and EV2 variants, and with this upgrade, ensure your operations continue to run smoothly.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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