Tensor.NET Version Update Fixes Working Time Directive Display & Improves SSM Usability

Tensor.NET Update

Tensor’s latest software update, version, sees a range of fixes, customer resolutions and enhancements to improve and streamline customer usability. Premium Categories assigned to Reporting Groups can now be reported on, while the ‘Avg Time’ column in the Working Time Directive is now displaying correctly.

In addition to these enhancements, version also includes:


  • A problem was found when using the ‘Treat as Non-use of card’ setting in the Absence code. When a card falls out of use, a setting in User options can be configured to set an amount of days in which this will disable the card, this was found to not work but the issue has now been fixed.
  • An issue was found when configuring the standard minimum carryovers in the User Options application. The problem occurred when trying to enter a value that was more than the maximum, a message was displayed to say the range was from -365, this from value is supposed to be '0' and has now been resolved.

Customer Resolutions & Enhancements

  • A fault was reported when restricting users to only have ‘View’ access to the Rosters held within the working rules. It was found that User’s that only had ‘View’ access to Rosters were still able to drag and drop shifts within the Roster screen, Users should be able to view but not change this area, this has now been resolved.
  • A fault was reported where a Roster that had an ‘offset’ rule applied did not seem to work when running a report for future dates, the shifts assigned were displaying correctly. A change to the scripting has now resolved this problem.
  • A new reporting option has been added so that ‘Premium Categories’ that are assigned to employees in their ‘Reporting groups’ option can be reported upon. Premium Categories can be assigned to employees so that they can be separated/filtered from other staff based on their working contracts. This new feature allows administrative users to display the fields assigned to the staff.
  • A problem with the WTD (Working Time Directive) report has been resolved in this version. It was reported that the ‘Avg Time’ column was not displaying the correct data and just outputting a zero, changes have been made and this now displays the correct totals.

Tensor.NET Self-Service Module Updates in Version

New Features

  • A new ‘Show Notes’ check box has been added as an option in the shift assignment screen in SSM. This option will display any notes that have been added in the Shift Assignment screen in the main Tensor.NET application against the allocated shift and then display them in separate lines to the shift\absence details.


  • A fault was found when using the ‘Appointment Delegation’ option. When searching for an Employee in the search box, it was found the employee record was not highlighting as it should, once it found the record being searched for, this has now been resolved.
  • A display issue was found when requesting to change your shift in the ‘Shift Change/Swap’ area. After choosing a date range and then choosing the shift, the ‘Preview Changes’ option is supposed to show you the changes being requested, this issue has been fixed and now displays correctly.
  • A fault was found when trying to edit a ‘Pending’ timed absence that ended the following day; it was found the date was using the same day and not the following as expected.
  • A display problem with the Job Widget has been fixed where the child jobs were not appearing. When selecting any parent job, the associated child jobs should appear.
  • A couple of minor display problems were identified and have been fixed in this version. When creating forms in the WinMCVS.NET module, after creating the form and then saving, the confirmation message was displayed in red when it should have been green; this has now been changed. The home widget – the text colour IN was displaying in Red and the OUT was displaying in green, this has now been corrected.

Customer Resolutions & Enhancements

  • A couple of faults that were reported with the Job Booking Widget have been resolved in this version. Top level jobs that were selected as ‘non booking’ were not showing in the SSM on the Book ON/OFF Job page, or the Job Widget. All jobs should show in this area but ones that cannot be booked on to were currently being hidden, this has now been resolved in this version. It was noted that the jobs were not displaying by default, only when adding a filter did the jobs become visible; all jobs now display by default.
  • A fault was reported with the Supervisor Absence Planner. When clicking on ‘All Employees’ and then selecting an employee, then show absences, It was found to not load any of the absences. This problem has been resolved in this version.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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