Tensor.NET Version Offers Wide Range of New Features & Enhancements

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

The Agency Worker Equal Treatment has been implemented into this version. This project details changes to Tensor.NET so users are able to track the length of time that agency workers have been in their current job in order to know when those employees are entitled to the same benefits of full time staff. A new document is available on request for more information.


A new ‘Multifactor code’ security feature has been added to this version. Enabled in User Options, Administrative Users are able to add a secure method of logging in where end users will use the ‘Google Authentication’ app which randomises a six digit code that must be entered after the users’ password to permit logging in to Tensor.NET application only. A new document is available on request for more information.

Shift Assignment Columns have been implemented into this version where new options have been added to the shift assignment screen. The new options allow users the ability to ‘Show Employee Department’, ‘Show Employee Section’ and ‘Show Employee Code with Name’. These options will then be available when exporting information to an excel spreadsheet. A new document is available on request for more information.

Report Filtering – A new option has been added to the Job Booking Auto report to allow the filtering of employees. This shows up on the auto report wizard and can now be used to filter employees.

Day Closure – A new date range feature has been added to the Day Closure options within the Amend clockings screen. Previous versions only allowed users to lock individual days whereas a ‘From’ and ‘To’ date has been added to lock a range of required dates.


Changes have been made to the ‘Access Denied (Temperature too high)’ and Access Denied (Temperature too low)’ notification. On previous versions, you were only able to add an email of the recipient for the alert. Due to the nature of the Alert, it’s more likely that the recipient would be the employee’s line manager or supervisor.


A change has been made so that email notifications can be sent to the employee linked as the employees ‘Authoriser’ within their record. An ‘Enable Authoriser Email’ option has been added as shown for this alert, which will send the email to any authorisers for Clocking and Absence requests.

Clocking Locations – Previous versions of the clocking locations only showed the clocking and job code GPS transactions in the amend clocking screen, this version now includes the GPS locations of the Fire Roll Call transactions.


The MCVS module has undergone some in-depth testing in this version and a number of faults/problems have been fixed, these include:

Appointment Diary Fixes

After selecting all appointments manually to print, the ‘Select All’ button changes to ‘Deselect All’, when clicked, nothing happened and required a second click before it worked, this has now been resolved so it clicks the first time.

A similar problem was found when trying to un-assign a smart card, this only worked on the second click.·

After assigning a smart card to a Visitor and then selecting the edit screen, a display fault was noticed where the edit screen did not show the Card number; this has now been fixed.

When appointments had been cancelled, it was observed that the print pass button was still available; this has been changed so only lights up for valid appointments.

A validation message was also missing from the print pass option, when previewing/printing a visitor's badge that has already expired, a validation message should prompt the user; this has now been added.

The ‘Last Printed on’ column was found to not update after the pass was printed; this has now been resolved.

A tooltip pop up was incorrect when hovering over the ‘Document Read’ option in the appointment diary, this has now been corrected

An issue has been fixed where Visitors were able to book onto other appointments if they were late for their current one. An extra check has been added to make sure that the visitor is not already checked in on a current appointment, and prevent the user from continuing (after showing them a message).

Welfare checks – When using the welfare checks and choosing the ‘Visit’ as the check type and setting the contact number to ‘mandatory’. This was not working and could be saved with no contact number entered.

Identity Checks – A fault was found where users were allowed to create duplicate identity checks with the same ID, Name and Expiry Date for Visitors; changes have been made so these details are now unique.

Visitor Screen Fixes

When importing a signature the user is given an ‘Unhandled Exception’ error when they choose an incompatible file type. This has been fixed so the system gives an incompatible file message.

When Visitors/Contractors arrive and leave, their times are logged in both the Appointments window and also the Visitor Companies option. The ‘Last in’ and ‘Last out’ times were found to be missing in the companies section and have now been re-added.

A confirmation box has been added when converting a Visitor to Contractor, the new message will say “Are you sure you would like to convert this visitor to a contractor” A message did not previously exist.

A validation message displayed when incorrectly populating the first name and last name has been rectified; it previously said Surname but has been changed to last name to match the field name.

Badge Designer Fixes

A problem was found where users were able to rotate the pass despite it being set to ‘Locked’ in the design controls.

An issue has been corrected where there was no data for the static barcode.

Dynamic barcodes font was not defaulting to Code 39 when created.

When changing the Orientation/Paper size the warning message shown was unformatted text and the window design wasn’t the same as the main application.

A warning message has been added to alert users when deleting a pass template to let them know that this template is assigned to a visitor.

Visitor Importer/Exporter Fixes

A problem was found when trying to import Visitors using an XML file, the ‘Next’ button remain disabled and you were unable to move forward, this has now been fixed.

After importing lists of Visitors, it was noted that company names were not being displayed for the visitors; changes have been made to the VisitorGeneral table to resolve the problem. 

A grammatical change has been fixed when closing the importer, this will now read "This will close the wizard, are you sure?"

When exporting, blank spaces were available when making selections for the exporter; these have now been removed.

Vehicle details for Visitors/Contractors were not included in the Import/export options; these details have now been included in this version.

Grammatical corrections

The appointment diary column header ‘Status’ was displayed as ‘State’ after clicking the ‘Report Preview’ option and has now been changed.

The ‘Pass Template missing’ prompt had a missing space and has now been added.

The ‘Mandatory Field required’ prompt had a missing space and has now been added.

The word ‘Appearance’ was spelt incorrectly within the Visitor Monitor > Diary Colours screen and has now been corrected.

When printing a visitor pass when there is no pass assigned, the pop up message did not make sense, this has been reworded to "Empty template detected. Please amend the design in Badge Designer before continuing"

When adding photos in the Visitor/Contractor Appointment screen the 'Import From IP Camera' has been changed to 'Capture From IP Camera'.

Display Changes

The appointment diaries ‘Next’ and ‘Previous day’ buttons didn’t show up when the day view was first clicked. Once the user has clicked on another tab with a button e.g. week/month these buttons are then shown on the Day View tab.

The display borders were found to be missing the field chooser option in the appointments diary and has now been re-added.

After assigning an Escort to a Visitor, the column headers that shows the escorts details were showing with ‘entity’ in each header, it was also showing columns that were not required so these have now been removed.

When searching for a Contractor through the ‘Search’ button, this search window shows 'Visitor Search - Contractors', 'Load Visitors' buttons instead of 'Contractor Search - Contractors' , 'Load Contractors' button; this has now been changed. 

The ‘Print Pass’ button was not displaying correctly within the ‘New Appointment’ work details screen, it was showing slightly clipped. The button has now been resized to fit the text.

Car Registrations – After adding a car registration to a visitor in the SSM through the appointment wizard, this was found to not be displaying in the Appointment diary in the main application, this has been resolved.

Welfare Checks – A problem was found with the Visitor/Contactor welfare checks where it was not sending the email notifications. The issue was found to be that changes to the notification users were not being saved if the emails were turned off; this has now been resolved.

Attendance Management – A change has been made so that details cannot be entered on meetings that are booked for the future. Checks have been added so that the meeting-conducted checkbox is only enabled if it’s a past date.

Employee Wizard – The SSM assignment option was found to be missing in the steps of creating employees with the wizard; this has now been resolved.

Auto Reports – A fault was found when trying to add ‘Leavers’ to an Auto-Report. After adding all employees and then checking the ‘Include Leavers’ check box, the green arrows that normally allow you to move employees from one screen to the other did not become active, this has now been corrected.

Sickness Entitlements – When setting an entitlement Minimum and Maximum in the system's User Options application the Sickness entitlement could be set outside the limits set in User Options, this has now been resolved.

Bank Account Information – An issue was raised when entering account numbers into the financial details section. Some countries can use up to thirty digits in an account number, but this table was limited to only twenty. This has now been increased to thirty five to accommodate these requirements.

Restoring Deleted Items – An issue was found after deleted items were restored. Restored items from the Recycle Bin would show in some screens only after closing the application and then logging in again.

Resetting Display Options – An issue was found when using the 'Reset Forms Display Settings for Current User'. When selecting either cancel or yes and then exiting without saving, the screen was found to reset anyway.

Vehicles – Access to employee vehicles screen was not showing when only having T&A and HR modules activated (no Access Control) It is considered the Vehicles option is a HR as well as an AC function and has now been changed to reflect this.

Customer Resolutions

An issue was reported when trying to print from the Shift/Roster screen that displays assigned shifts for any given period. The ‘Printer’ icon was found to be missing but has now been replaced in this version.

Changes have been made to allow the CascadeHR absence to be exported up to the end of the current calendar week. Previously, the dates of the absences exported started from the day after the previous export and up to the day before today. This has been modified so it goes to the end of the previous calendar week.

For more information regarding the Tensor.NET version update, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today!

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