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Tensor.NET Version - SSM

New Features and Enhancements

A new ’Eye’ icon has been added in this version that allows users to view the password they are entering.

The widgets that display clocking information have been changed so that just the time is displayed when a clocking is made on the current day as shown here. Once the day has passed, the date as well as the clocking will be displayed.

Tensor.NET SSM
Tensor.NET SSM

Scroll bars and displays – For easier navigation, new scroll bars have been added in a couple of areas rather than having to manually move the page.

  • When adding new columns in the built in Clock Card report.
  • Adding visitor questions – The ‘Add Question’ option is now automatically displayed without the need to scroll down to the bottom of the form.
  • The Rota screen has been changed to display the Shift code rather than the description as the character length can cause an overlap.
  • A new employee column has been added to the Rota screen as shown here, and the header rows have been removed to make the table view more discreet from previous versions.
Tensor.NET SSM
  • An inconsistency was found where times in the Book ON/OFF site, ON/OFF Job were not displayed in a 24hr format, they have now all been changed in this version.
  • The ‘MCVS Dashboard’ option has been re-positioned to the top of the display in the explorer bar.

Cancelling Holidays - The cancelling holiday option was not very clear and was not very user-friendly. A new pop-up option has now been added allowing users to select all.

SSM Login App - A new user option has been added called "Limit SSM when using the login app" when enabled and a user logs into SSM using the SSM login app (with card or biometrics), it will only show the clock in and out screen.

Tensor.NET SSM


The MCVS module has undergone some in-depth testing in this version and a number of faults/problems have been fixed, these include:

  • DOB Validation – When creating a new user the DOB validation check was not working as expected when entering the correct details.
  • Booking Appointments – An issue was found when trying to book appointments in the past, an error was displayed to say you couldn’t do this but this version has been changed so you can.
  • Changing Passwords – When changing passwords in the ‘My Accounts’ page, if the wrong password is entered the error read ‘Confirm Mismatch’ and has now been changed to ‘Password Mismatch’.
  • An issue was found on the ‘My Appointments’ page where it was defaulting to the current week instead of the current day, this has now been changed.
  • A display issue was found in the ‘My Appointments’ screen where the ‘Contact Number’ was not displaying correctly and was partially being cut off.
  • The display of the ‘date tooltip’ in the shift assignment page was showing off screen and has now been realigned.
  • When creating new appointments and proceeding through the screens, users can ‘Reset’ at any time, if this was clicked the appointment screen would refresh without any warning. A confirmation message has now been added asking if the user would like to discard changes first.
  • Tablet Themes – When making changes to the workflows in the theme options, the ‘Restore Default Settings’ button was not becoming active as expected.
  • Unmanned Tablet - The IP address of the unmanned tablet has been changed so that it is saved and displayed without leading zeros. So will now be saved as
  • Overstayed Appointments – An issue was found where visitors can check OUT and IN from the SSM, the Visitor should not be able to check IN after an overstay, this has now been changed to reflect the logic as the main application.
  • Multi-day appointments – A fault has been found when creating multi-day appointments for multiple visitors, even though appointments were created, allocations were found to be missing. The root cause of this issue was that the first appointment was being saved with the wrong repetition days and has now been fixed.

Reporting – A couple of corrections have been made to the reporting features.

  • The Clock Card report was found to have paragraph tags around the exceptions when exporting in either Excel or PDF. These tags have now been removed and the data shows as expected.
  • PDF reports were found to not show inserted notes but have now been added.
  • PDF reports were not showing the Absence colours as they should, this has been corrected.
  • PDF reports had overlapping text in the notes section at the end of the week.

Employee Photos – When using the Supervisory Absence Planner, the ‘Photo’ icon was found to be missing from the supervised employees section, this has now been added back in.

Appointment Clashes – A problem was found saving appointments when the host had an appointment clash. The application should warn of the clash but still allow the user to save the appointment should they wish too.

Adding new clockings – On previous versions, when adding clockings through the timesheet screen, the User is able to click the ‘Add’ which then creates a scroll bar for the User to then scroll to the next set of clockings. On this version, after selecting the ‘Add’ the screen will jump automatically to make things a little easier.

The Date of Birth on the account creation section was found to allow any amount of characters when users are setting up their accounts for the first time. This has now been restricted to only allow the correct format.

Job Booking Status Window – When clocking OUT while booked on a job, the "Currently Off Job" status bar stays green, this should change to Red to reflect the status, this has been updated to reflect this correctly.

Supervisor Bradford Factor Widget – Clicking the Graph icon was found to just hang with the ‘Please wait’ screen rather than loading up the graph details, this has now been resolved.

Job Booking Displays in Timesheets – The display of jobs has been changed so they are displayed in order of time spent on the job, with the most amount of time appearing at the top.

User Accounts – When a User account had restricted account access, a fault was found where they could still ‘Hide Widget’ from the main widget control screen, this option has now been removed.

Customer Resolutions

An issue was reported when trying to add/edit clockings for the previous day in the timesheet option, users were unable to select the day but has now been fixed in this version.

For more information regarding the Tensor.NET version update for SSM, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today!

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