The Latest Version of Tensor.NET, Version, See’s New Facestation Features & Multiple System Enhancements

Tensor.NET Release Version

New Features and Enhancements

Salary Information – A request was made for a way to hide salary information on appraisals from certain users of the application without taking away access to the appraisal screens functions of being able to add and view documents. A new Role Option has been added for the ability to see salary details. If the Role Option is not set to ‘Amend’ then the ‘All’ controls will be hidden apart from Appraisal Date, Reason, and the Documents button.

MCVS Emailing – A new ‘Location’ field option has been added to the automated email received by the Host after a visitor has checked IN. The location information is governed by the location assigned to the tablet, this is to help Hosts identify locations of visitors when multiple Tablets are in operation.

A new ‘Reset Counter’ button has been added for the FaceStation. Selecting the Reset Counter and confirming, will clear the transaction log data in the ExtraData table so that the counter is reset for that device.

Tensor.NET version


Importing Cards from AD with SIMS – A problem was found with pSyncADCardsSave where it wasn't providing a value for the new CardFamily field and failed due to it not being able to be null. The stored procedure has now been modified to define the correct parameters.

PC –Server connection issues - A fault has been found with Users that have Mandatory profiles, typically used with Thin Client setups like Citrix. Tensor.NET stores files locally to authenticate to the server when opening a client application but due to the restrictions in place on these network types, this was creating a problem. Changes have been made to the authentication service client to not persist the transport key and instead to generate it each time the application starts.

AICMSLinkService - A problem has been resolved when importing card changes from AD. The Active Directory entry was being picked up where the card attribute did not contain a hex value of the card, and for some reason contained other text, causing a numeric conversion to error.

Unity SDFC Link Service - An issue has been resolved with the Unity SDFC link service where the first and last clocking were being rounded when they shouldn’t have. The process engine dll has now been updated to disable the rounding of the first and last clocking when being called from the SDFC link.

Customer Resolutions

A problem was reported when trying to copy Job codes, after right clicking and choosing 'Copy' the record would allow you to edit/enter the detail but not save. This was found to be linked to an excessive amount of job id's being created and has now been resolvved.

SSM Release Version

New Features and Enhancements

Searching for features – Due to the ever expanding list of features that get added to the SSM, a new search facility has been added to both the SSM Features and Roles screen as shown here. Type in the setting you are looking for and click search to show a filtered list.

Tensor.NET version


Absence Planner Display – When opening the absence planner on a browser or a mobile device, a problem was found with the display. If the screen is smaller than the width of the calendar the user is unable to scroll the planner to see the end of the months, new controls have been added so this can be scrolled.

Document Loading – After the new ‘Add Document’ feature was added on the previous version (as explained below), a couple of ‘tweaks’ have been made in this version.

  • It has been decided to limit the amount of files that can be attached to a maximum of 10, to avoid overloading absence data unnecessarily.
  • The file size has been restricted to 20MB.

Colour Customisation – When changing the background colours of the Home screen and widgets, some of the widgets were only showing as white squares, this has now been resolved.

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