Tensor.NET Version Includes Enhancements to the Bradford Index Reporting Feature

Tensor.NET Version

New Features and Enhancements

Bradford Index Reporting – A new enhancement has been made to the Bradford Index Report. Generally, Bradford Index reporting is run over a rolling 12 month period, this new enhancement allows users to choose the ‘Override Configured Date Range’ to enter their own dates. This allows the system to display a Bradford score for any given date.

Tensor.NET version


WTR Compliance Emails – Alerts are created when configured Shifts and Rosters are found to not comply with the Working Time Regulations – A fault was found where the system was not emailing these alerts and has now been fixed.

Audit Records – An issue has been fixed where the Audit records were not showing either the new or the old values for clockings in the report.

Filtering Exceptions – Entries in the Amend Clockings screen were not showing up when the ‘Show Filtered Exceptions’ option was being used. This option should only show the selected exceptions for view and has now been changed so it displays correctly.

Shift Assignment Screen – A display problem has been found when using an ‘Hours’ type absence. The display was just showing the normal shift name when it should display the absence code. This was found to be an issue with the hide absence checkbox, which has now been changed.

User Options Alerts – When entering emails in the Alerts, the system was found to incorrectly give a validation error when the Global email was not entered, this has been corrected so only site emails can be entered.

Uploading Documents – An issue was found when adding multiple documents to employee records. After saving, files were found to be corrupt or re-written when trying to revisit them. An issue was found with the way they were being stored and has now been fixed.

Customer Resolutions

WTR Notification Emails are generated when employees exceed their weekly limit of hours set. A fault has been reported where this was not working as it should and has now been resolved.

Tensor.NET SSM Version

New Features and Enhancements

SSM Passwords – In this version onwards, changes have been made to the SSM so that all passwords in the Web application will be encrypted and hashed in the same way as the main application.


Cancel Button – The cancel button, found after employees view their physical clockings from within the Timesheets screen was found to not work when using a Chrome Browser, this has now been fixed in this version.

Uploading Documents – When employees make absence requests and upload multiple documents, (2 or more) an authorising user is able to see the documents and then authorise as expected. Once authorised, an employee then tries to view the previously uploaded documents, but the document count showed as zero, this has now been resolved.

Customer Resolutions

A fault was reported where the ‘Authorise Exception’ button was not enabled after making the required changes in the employees timesheet screen. Changes have been made so this now enables as it should when checking or making adjustments.

A new feature has been added to the Supervisory Absence Planner. The Planners ‘Year’ now updates year values in the employees (subordinates) table.

  • A new checkbox has been added "Show Current Entitlement Year" (Only shows when not on current year)
  • New date format for entitlement Start Month. When a month is not in this current year it will now also show the year in brackets (2024)

For more information regarding the latest version of Tensor.NET (, please get in touch with a member of the Tensor team today.

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