Tensor Opens New Offices in Great Yarmouth

The seaside resort town of Yarmouth had a boost to its economy today with the opening of Tensors� new offices at Haven Bridge House. At a time when Yarmouth sees monthly closures and redundancies, it�s a breath of fresh air when employment �good news� is reported. Both the television networks and local radio were quick to pick up on the story, as were the local papers. Nigel Smith, Chief Executive of Tensor was kept somewhat busy with interviews.
The new jobs will be created over the next 24 months as Tensor expands its Customer Support facilities to meet growing demand for Smart Card products. �We are winning a lot of business from the older, less technologically advanced competitors in Time & Attendance and Access Control� said Nigel Smith.
�This has caused us to widen our Helpdesk and other support facilities to meet future expansion.�

Tensor has invested heavily in the new facility, which boasts 21st century telecommunications and computer systems and runs on the concept of a paperless office. High-speed ADSL digital links automatically update the network file servers between Haven Bridge House and Tensors� headquarters at Hail Weston in Cambridgeshire. The new communications system handles traffic for Voice, Data and Video.
As you would expect, they have installed a first class Time & Attendance and Access Control system to augment the other technology within the new building � made by Tensor � who else?

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