Tensor Personnel helps forces manage on decreasing budgets

Issues such as public sector pay and pensions, and 25 per cent budget cuts across all governmental departments, mean the police are under scrutiny in terms of their performance and by how much the Home Office will trim their resources. North of the border, Chief Constable Colin McKerracher said 1,600 officers served the north east Grampian region, the highest number in the force's history. Mr McKerracher also highlighted his force continued to outstrip targets, including a year-on-year drop in anti-social behaviour by 12 per cent.

To manage on an ever-decreasing budget companies with under 250 personnel to large multinational corporations, how about enlisting Tensor’s Time and Attendance smart card technology. The customised reports allow you to get the information you need to make on the spot personnel decisions. Among the many features included in the system are: Job Booking and Job Costing; All-In-One Time and Attendance recording; extensive European Working Time Directive checking and reporting; and customised patterns, rosters and shifts. We have Time and Attendance regional offices serving, England, Scotland and Wales to give you 24 hour support when and where you need it.

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