Tensor Prison Pass controls movement and identification of visitors and vehicles

Violent criminals were included among those wrongly released from jails in Great Britain due to administrative mistakes. London prisons featured heavily in the top ten instances of prisoners freed inadvertently over the past three years – Pentonville (six times), Wandsworth (five) and Belmarsh (five) were among the most common. BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw said although official statistics have emerged before about this subject, this was by far the most extensive data released so far.

Tensor has helped the Prison Service’s security measures by developing advanced and robust technology to facilitate its procedures dealing with visitors. Smooth and efficient access is provided by your Tensor PC-based prison monitoring system, whilst maintaining complete security and allowing you to control the movement and identification of contractors, visitors, and their vehicles. Tensor Prison Pass is a version of our Visitor Monitoring System (VMS) which proves very useful if questions about a person's identity or credentials come in to question. Document scanning, access and barrier control and CCTV tracking can also be included in this modular network to fully complement VMS.

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