Tensor range of security products rival those at Disney World

Being a multinational corporation with huge numbers of visitors from all over the world filing through their gates, it is no surprise that Walt Disney World is serious about security. The measures the theme park employs include surveillance, identification cards, fingerprint readers at the turnstiles and routine bag-searches at each park entrance. Tensor plc does not have as high a profile (for now!) as the company Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded, but we believe our security products and technology as just as, if not more, effective.

A CCTV camera from our company CCTV Surveillance Ltd you will find to be of the utmost quality when you purchase it, as we only use the top manufacturers. As we install and maintain the system ourselves you can expect only the best service. Or we provide a range of sophisticated time and attendance systems guaranteed to meet an employer’s clocking requirements. We also supply a combined time attendance and access control system. Furthermore there is a full stock of barriers, gates and turnstiles, which again can be integrated with the access control system to lock up a building or site tight.

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