Tensor rolls out new Self Service Module (SSM) version 3.8.0.x

Employee booking

Following the recent launch of the latest Tensor.NET version 3.8.0.x., we are happy to announce that we have made available to current and future customers the latest Tensor Self-Service Module (SSM) version 3.8.0.x., which offers a number of new and exciting features, as well as several fixes and resolutions to customer requests.

New Features & Enhancements in the Tensor Self-Service Module (SSM) Version 3.8.0.X.

  1. Restricted request periods – from this version onwards, SSM administrators are able to create periods in the year when absence cannot be requested. Depending on their role setting, employees will be prevented from requesting any absence in these restricted periods.
  2. Limited periods of absence – the SSM role now has a setting that may limit the number of days of continuous absence that each absence code can be requested for. Absence periods cannot be requested that exceed the working days limit.
  3. SSM absence planners – colour coded details of the rostered shift have been added to the popups available in the SSM absence and supervisory absence planners. When the mouse is hovered over a day with approved or requested absence, the shift code is now included on the displayed popup.
  4. Shift cover requests – this version of the Self Service Module includes a new shift cover facility. This facility allows employees with forthcoming absence to request shift cover from any of their colleagues.
  5. Subordinate job booking – SSM will detect when an authoriser selects the Book ON / OFF Job menu option and display the standard Employees Being Supervised controls. Subordinates can be selected from those being authorised as well a job code. Clicking on the Start Job button will book all the selected employees on to the job. Any employees who are not clocked in will be clocked in as well.
  6. Payband adjustments – the payband adjustment requests made from the SSM timesheet option have been changed to make them the same as Tensor.NET. Users can now request hours to be added or subtracted from a payband, or be moved from one payband to another.
  7. Timesheet worked hours – a Payband Settings option is provided in the Administrators menu in this version. SSM Administrators may use the standard arrow controls to select all the paybands to be included in the “worked hours” column of the SSM time sheet.
  8. Clockcard report design – the clockcard design process has been stream lined in this version to make it more user friendly and intuitive.
  9. Mimic panel – three new columns for Start Core Time, End Core Time and Infringements have been added to the mimic panel. Select these new columns in the normal manner by highlighting them in the Column Visibility list.


  1. Basic detail amendments – the notification email generated when a particular field in basic details screen is amended, no longer lists all details, just those that have been changed.

Customer Resolutions

  1. SSM requests report – the SSM requests report generated by Tensor.NET omitted to include the notes made by requestors and authorisers. This issue is now resolved.
  2. Shift assignment – a problem was encountered in some previous versions which prevented shift assignments being confirmed when shift colours were displayed. Corrected by changes implemented in this version.
  3. Restricted request periods – the restricted request period menu option was unable to load unless a WinMCVS serial number was available. A fix was made to this version remove this limitation.
  4. SSM card login – users attempting to log into SSM using the standalone card login app were unable to use the 3.7.0.x version app with version 3.8.0.x of SSM. A fix has now been made to correct this incompatibility issue.
  5. Home page details – annual leave entitlements in hours are now correctly formatted to two decimal places.

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