Tensor smart cards are the simplest and fastest solution for secure access

In today's fast-paced world, speed and ease of access to any workspace are extremely important and the Tensor Smart Card-based systems are the fastest, most reliable and secure, as well as cost effective solutions for the job.

The smart cards are based on the reliable RF (Radio Frequency) reading technology, which grants them a very good read range, unaffected by most external conditions. Moreover, all of the cards are extremely thin (roughly the size of a credit card), which means that you can easily store one in your wallet.

Tensor Smart Cards employ an advanced technology, that makes them equally fast and secure. Our Smart Card readers emit a 125 KHz frequency field (the electromagnetic field) that is received by the tiny aerial built in each smart card. This leads to the activation of the smart card microchip, a passive device that holds the smart card's unique factory encoded ID number.

The Smart Card's ID Numbers are extremely secure, given the fact that up to 34 billion different combinations are available.

Plus, Tensor can also provide smart card software, which gives you an easy way to professionally produce your own ID cards, assign specific access rights, and much more.

If you want to find out more about our affordable, ultra-fast Smart Cards, our dedicated product team is eagerly waiting for any query you might have.

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