Tensor software activates your building warning system in an emergency

A Greater Manchester Fire Brigade Union spokesman has grave concerns about an order to hospital staff in the city that they must look for signs of a fire if an alarm triggers before dialling 999. Paul Fogerty said: "We've got great reservations about the policy not only around our members' safety, but also for the safety of the public we serve." Mr Fogerty said that the size of hospital buildings would make it difficult and potentially dangerous for a member of staff to establish whether there was a fire.

Employees’ safety is paramount, and those at your workplace are in good hands with Tensor’s Fire Roll Call software. Your staff simply log themselves on and off site using either a smart card or key fob before assembling at their fire roll call point. In the event of an emergency, the fire roll call software announces the emergency while simultaneously activating your existing warning system. Instantaneous report generation of highly accurate attendance reports makes this software the best in the industry, and a must-have addition for any safety-conscious employer.

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