Tensor steps up security at your plant or site

SmartWater is an intelligent move from BT, as it is a form of dye which stays on the skin of the increasing number of those who are stealing copper wire from their telephone network. Bernie Auguste, head of security at BT Openreach, said: "From now on, any criminal who targets the BT network risks being invisibly tagged with SmartWater, meaning that the police can trace them, and any stolen cable or equipment, back to the scene of the crime.”

Tensor can equip firms with an arsenal of visitor control, surveillance and access control technology to step up security at their plant, factory or site. Smart card operated access control systems are ideal for your office or factory, and can control most standard types of internal and external electronic door locks and releases, for companies with under 250 personnel to large multinational corporations. You are given total control over who is allowed access through any door on your access control network, at any time of the day. Maintenance contracts are available for support of digital CCTV systems and software, which can be added to the access control system.

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