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There is little further information regarding CCTV regulation brought in by the new government, other than it is set to impact on local authorities. Details are sketchy about the coalition’s proposed freedom bill which includes greater regulation of CCTV cameras, putting pressure on councils to justify its use.

The government's full coalition agreement simply states that it plans on "protecting privacy by introducing new legislation to regulate the use of CCTV". The Information Commissioner's Office said that it was unable to comment on the bill until it receives further information. Because the Liberal Democrats drafted a freedom bill in opposition, and because their party leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is now overseeing the passage of the freedom bill, we can expect news sooner rather than later.

Tensor’s group of companies are a leading supplier of CCTV surveillance, Visitor Monitoring and Access Control technologies and because it is accredited and performs to the highest standards, the group expects any regulation to have little effect on its professional business practices. For instance, in 2009, Westminster City Council was told to turn off 100 digital cameras, mostly used for parking enforcement, after the government found that the equipment did not meet technical standards. This is not a problem for Tensor, who use only the best equipment from the leading manufacturers.

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