Tensor systems control most internal or external door locks

Regional and local transport minister Norman Baker said on the imminent end to wheel clamping on private land, set to be implemented by the end of 2010: “The rules governing parking on private land should be proportionate.” He added: “Cowboy clampers have had ample opportunity to mend their ways, but the cases of bullying and extortion persist. That’s why we are putting an end to these outrageous practices once and for all. Drivers will no longer have to fear intimidation from rogue traders, and we can then allow the parking industry to begin to restore its reputation with the motoring public.”

Any change in change in is unlikely to affect those premises which install Tensor access control systems – these allow entry via contactless smart cards and are able to control your site’s gates, barriers and turnstiles. It means neither cowboy clampers nor illicit parkers can enter your facilities. The system can be used for multi site companies and will control most standard types of internal or external electronic, magnetic door locks or releases. Smart card readers are located out of sight and there is no need to remove your ID badge from a wallet or purse to use it.

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