Tensor technology range deters intruders from accessing your site

The companies under the Tensor umbrella offer a complete range of biometric smart card, visitor monitoring, CCTV, barrier and access control technologies as ways to deter or prevent intruders gaining access to your site. It is a tough job thwarting determined thieves, as shown when a group stole three lorries from a Welsh haulage firm. The intruders broke into the office and took the keys which have the vehicle registrations on. The gang had tried to steal a fourth Mercedes lorry from the company's Flintshire yard, but after starting it and putting the lights on they could not work the elaborate gearbox and left it with the motor running.

However, it was obvious they were not proper HGV drivers as they could not control them properly. This led to the thieves eventually abandoning their heist and fleeing the scene. A member of staff pointed out that one of the gang was carrying a lump of wood in his hand so it was lucky none of the employees were on duty.

Tensor’s range of high quality, durable gates offer reliable performance in the most demanding environments – ideal for controlling vehicle access to and from your site. Along with items like alarms and CCTV surveillance camera and recording systems, the whole package will provide unrivalled site security for your business.

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