Tensor time and attendance systems help employers in World Cup month

Don’t lose your job over the World Cup – instead work with your employer for a solution if there is a big game on. Thousands of workers up and down the country will be trying to watch the World Cup, either at their desks, or worse, attempting to sneak off down the pub on the big screen without permission and risking a red card from their boss. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is urging employees to speak to their employers rather than just take a ‘sickie’. The FSB says employers may consider one of these options: Operating flexible working hours on match days; allowing regular short breaks; or authorising shift swaps with other employees.

Luckily Tensor plc has the technology to help employers in this situation. The renowned security specialists’ sister company Time and Attendance UK has clocking systems that can deal with all sorts of shift patterns that arise during World Cup month. Our smart card technology allows your employees to quickly clock in and out, with the time and attendance software accurately recording attendances.

The software also compensates for the recent changes to the Working Time Directive and related issues. Time and Attendance UK’s systems are fully compatible with all working hours regulations and provide an easy and cost-effective solution to your clocking issues.

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