Tensor Time and Attendance systems help managers easily monitor their employees’ activities

Tensor’s comprehensive time and attendance systems have been specifically designed in order to grant companies an extensive level of control over their workforce, allowing managers to easily access a wide array of data regarding their employees’ activities. This data can be very useful for evaluating a specific employee’s working efficiency, which can be a decisive factor in those unfortunate case when redundancies have to be made.

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And that might also be the case with Nationwide, who will soon begin the process of integrating its Derbyshire, Cheshire and Dunfermline building societies, a process that will likely lead to the loss of around 500 jobs, according to a news report.

Nationwide said it will close around half of the Derbyshire’s 27 branches, which employ about 200 staff, and rebrand the remaining ones. Once complete, the integration process will have quite a positive result, with about 85 per cent the three societies’ customers being within five miles of a Nationwide branch, compared to around 70 per cent right now.

Nationwide said, depending upon levels of usage and proximity, the remainder of the branches in the network would either be closed or integrated into the nearest alternative Nationwide branch.

The WinTA.NET Time and Attendance software suite from Tensor features and advanced absence planning and entitlement management system, sporting graphical calendar charts that offer a colourful way of viewing an individual’s or a department’s absence records.

The system also allows managers to create a series of shift premium rules that enable employees to earn bonus payments under special circumstances. The bonus is calculated either as extra hours or monetary amounts and can be included in the export to payroll, yet another major feature of the Tensor Time and Attendance solution.

WinTA.NET Business Edition is part of the new Tensor suite of .NET applications and can be combined with many other modules to provide one seamless application that meets all of your HR and security needs. Access Control, Personnel, CCTV, Visitor Monitoring, Tensor’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition and ID Badge Designer are all modules available to increase the power of your Tensor application.

If you’d like to get more information on the Tensor Time and Attendance systems, just contact our dedicated product team or Book a Demo, our representatives will gladly answer any question you might have.

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