Tensor WinTA.NET offers access to all frequently used methods of calculating employee hours

The Tensor WinTA.NET application suite aims to help streamline the human resources department’s operations, by recording precisely the employees working hours and their presence at the work site.

Tensor WinTA.NET offers access to all frequently used methods of calculating employee hours image 1

However, that’s just a part of the extensive level of functionality the WinTA.NET suite is actually capable of providing, given the fact that its supports all frequently used methods of calculating employee hours.

From simple determination of overtime by the number of daily hours worked, to the more complex payment of overtime hours adjusted when periodic targets are not met, WinTA.NET can supply working rules to calculate the correct result.

Furthermore, the system also contains special rules to accommodate the formal flexitime contracts worked by many public sector employees. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can receive reports stating how many contracted hours they have yet to work.

A number of basic rules control how hours are calculated. These include settings to separate “worked time” into different overtime rates, night shift working, as well as inserting unpaid breaks when employees do not clock them.

Additionally, the optional auto clock out feature allows the system to automatically clock an employee out at a specified time if no clockings are made.

Work patterns are a combination of daily rules that are either a repeating pattern of shifts or a list of alternative rules. Here, WinTA.NET will predict the most appropriate shift depending on the time an employee clocks IN. Each type of pattern can be set up to override the normal pattern and use a specific shift on public holidays or shutdown days.

Additionally, our top-range Time and Attendance solution provides extensive information regarding the manning levels, based upon employee skills required during the working week. Any shortfalls to the expected requirement, due to absenteeism for example, can trigger a system email. Plus, a separate module is available for rostering and manpower scheduling.

If you’d like to get some additional information on the Tensor WinTA.NET suite, just contact our dedicated product team, our representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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