Tensor.NET CSCS card wizard enables reliable access control solution for construction sites

Sunderland-based historic building company Brims Construction has just announced plans to branch out into the very lucrative housebuilding segment, a news report reveals.

Despite the grim economic climate and the troubles that have plagued the construction sector over the past few years, Brims Construction, which was founded in 1882, has recorded very encouraging revenues, of up to £18m a year.

Using the newly created Brims Homes brand in order to promote its residential construction building, the company expects to shortly get the go-ahead for new executive housing developments in Northumberland and on the Northumberland coast at Beadnell.

Since the company will likely have to extend its workforce in order to cope with the increased demand, either by taking up new staff or using contractors, they’ll also have to seriously consider implementing strict access rules. And Tensor.NET’s CSCS card wizard might actually be extremely helpful in enabling fast and easy access management to the respective sites.

The Tensor.NET CSCS card wizard can handle three different scenarios when granting access rights to contractors, and for each different scenario the wizard will guide the user through the enrolment procedure.

The Contractors CSCS card is read using a USB card reader attached to a Tensor.NET Client PC and details are extracted from the card to update the contractors “employee” details within the system, while system objects such as a company, site, shift group and department, are assigned to the cardholder, either through selection or by default.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor.NET’s CSCS card wizard and the other Time and Attendance and Access Control solutions we offer, just contact our dedicated product team, they’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

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