The Use of Facial Recognition Technology is on the Rise in Schools, Report Finds


With shootings, stabbings and other types of violence on school premises becoming commonplace in many countries around the world, organizations in the educational sector are increasingly taking steps to ensure their students, teachers and staff are safe, a news report has been able to suggest.

A school district in Lockport, New York, is implementing facial recognition technology into their surveillance system that will check each visitor’s face against a database of expelled students, sex offenders and others.

The idea behind the Lockport system is to enable security officers to quickly respond to the appearance of expelled students, disgruntled employees, sex offenders or certain weapons the system is programmed to detect. Only students seen as threats will be loaded into the database.

Cleburne ISD Community Relations Director Lisa Magers said the district, like other public school districts across the state and nation, is continuing to review and revise procedures and best practices as safety for their students and schools remains a top priority.

“As we prepare for the start to a new school year, we are in the process of review at this time,” Magers said.

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